Reed Rogers is a highly skilled and a Certified Master Inspector with extensive experience in various areas of inspection, including home and commercial inspection, mold testing, sewer scopes, and chimney scopes. With years of expertise in his field, Reed is trusted by clients to provide thorough and accurate assessments of properties.

In addition to his professional achievements, Reed is also a proud US Navy Veteran, having undergone his military training in Pensacola. His commitment to excellence extends beyond inspection work, as he is also a Certified Real Estate CE trainer. With his vast knowledge and experience, Reed is not only an accomplished inspector but also an award winning speaker and instructor. He offers a unique course designed to help real estate agents boost their sales through his unique sales training course.

Reed Rogers - Certified Master Inspector

Nick Ponzini - Certified Professional Inspector

Dan Tilton - Certified Professional Inspector

Daniel is an outdoors enthusiast, devoted husband, and proud father of 3 wonderful boys, alongside their beloved rescue dog, Catan. With over two decades of dedicated service in the United States Navy and extensive volunteering with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Trail Life USA, and local churches, Daniel has dedicated his life to improving the lives of others both at home and abroad.

Upon retiring from the Navy, Pensacola swiftly transformed into more than just a duty station—it became home. For over 3 years, Daniel has applied his meticulous attention to detail and perfectionist mindset to his role as a property inspector. Just as in his previous endeavors, he approaches each inspection with unwavering precision and a commitment to excellence, ensuring peace of mind for his clients every step of the way.

Nick is a proud Pensacola native, embodies the essence of community connection. Dubbed "The Mayor" for his knack for knowing everyone, and affectionately referred to as "The Godfather" for his charming Italian persona, Nick brings warmth and charisma to every interaction. With a background steeped in the services and roofing industries, he is well-equipped to deliver exceptional customer experiences. As a devoted husband and new father, Nick's caring and nurturing nature extends effortlessly to his clients, ensuring their needs are met with meticulous attention. Renowned for his thoroughness in property inspections, both residential and commercial, Nick leaves no stone unturned, guaranteeing peace of mind for every client.

Jerry's journey into the home inspection field began with his desire to help others, akin to the "house doc" who ensures homes are safe and sound for families before purchasing. His previous experience as an insurance adjuster gives him a thorough understanding of the potential issues insurance companies may have with claims.  This background allows him to identify problem areas and provide valuable insights for buyers and homeowners.  As a US Army Veteran serving as an Army medic during his service, he brings the same level of attention to detail as he did during his military service.  We refer to Jerry as "Dr. J".  

When you meet Jerry, you will notice his strong commitment to excellence and passion in every inspection he conducts.

Jerry Nichols - Certified Professional Inspector

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